In 2017 New Year's day, Spring Festival holiday notice

Dear Customer: 

       Hello!In 2017 New Year's day, Spring Festival is coming, thank you very much for the vast number of customers in 2016, the company's support and trust to me, guangdong shun lung technology co., LTD and all its affiliates happy New Year to our customers in advance, the business is thriving, healthy body!My company's New Year's day vacation time: in 2016, December 31 solstice holiday on January 2, 2017, a total of 3 days.On January 3, normal work;The Spring Festival holiday time: January 22, 2017 solstice on February 3, a total of 13 days.On February 4, normal work.No one shipment and delivery during the holiday, please prepared to stock up in advance, any inconvenience caused, please understanding!

        During the holidays, in order to ensure the normal conduct of your business, if you have a technical or business needs, please contact the sales staff at any time.Consultation telephone: 400-822-3286/400-891-7668/400-891-7668/400-822-3286.

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