Wuchuan its new 400 Phone: 4008910759

Wuchuan its new 400 Phone: 4008910759
Business development needs, Wuchuan its new 400 Phone: 4008910759, welcome to inquire!
Our company is a professional R & D, production, sales Static Control, purification products, labor supplies of high-tech enterprises. Our products are widely used in food, medical, automotive, communications, optics, optoelectronics, computer, semiconductor, display, backlight, circuit boards, electronic assembly, precision instruments, vacuum electroplating, plastic coating, aerospace and other high-tech industries.
Now has a number of advanced professional production equipment and highly qualified personnel, and scientific management mechanism, improve the quality and service management system. Adhere to the "technology-based, independent research and development, to create their own brands," the direction of development, adhering to the "based on science and technology, honesty, pride in service, quality first" business philosophy.

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