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Antistatic gown Fabric characteristics

Antistatic gown Fabric characteristics
1, with anti-static function
Antistatic performance must be durable, efficient, and does not wash as well as the daily friction of the apparent attenuation.
2, the fabric itself is not dust
Because it is dressed in clean-room, thus requiring the fabric can not be made ​​in a clean room clean dust source, which determines the chemical synthesis of ultra-clean fabric can only be used to produce long fibers, and to strictly control the selected fiber the amount of dust filaments. Although cotton, hemp, silk and other natural materials makes these fabrics taking of the better, but these can not be applied to short-fiber raw materials clean fabric.
3, fabrics have a good dust resistance
The dust mainly clean room air flowing from the indoor space and activities of the human body in the room, which is required to improve cleanliness maximize the control of minute dust produced by the body in the clothes, not to enter it through the fabric into the air .

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