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Anti-static Boots
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Product Name: Anti-static Boots
Product Type: CS6681705
Exhibitors: CSKJ
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Anti-static boots is the use of anti-static cloth and rubber soles made the system to do, with excellent, long-lasting anti-static properties.

Anti-static Boots  A detailed description of
Product Model:CS6681705
Product Name:Anti-static Boots
Product Information: Anti-static boots are composed of anti-static fabrics and rubber shoe sole, which have the lasting anti-static and dust-proof function. Our company has designed and produced a wide variety of anti-static boots in different style and specification, it is a necessary measure to human’s body electrostatic protection. And it is also available for customization varying with clients’ demands.
Size:34#、35#、36#、37#、38#、39#、40#、41#、42#、43#、44#(As your request)
Surface Resistance: 106-109Ω
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