Anti-static turnover box can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity

 Anti-static turnover box can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity


ESD protection is a systematic project, any part of the omissions or errors, will lead to the failure of the ESD protection must always guard against, all precautions. Since the mechanical effects of static electricity, dust particles floating in the air will be adsorbed onto silicon and other electronic components, seriously affecting the quality of electronic products, therefore, the purification of the workspace must take anti-static measures.

Anti-static plastic containers with a light weight, small footprint, easy combination, replaceable parts, easy to carry; save costs and transportation costs, etc., it is a modern enterprise plans to implement environmental requirements and zero inventory of new products. Anti-static turnover box can be used with a variety of logistics containers and station mated for all types of warehouses, production sites and other occasions, more and more attention in the logistics management of the majority of enterprises today, anti-static plastic crates to help complete logistics containers universal, integrated modern management logistics management essential goods.

Friction from static electricity and the human body electronics, microelectronics industry in the two hazards source, but not harm where electrostatic hazards that the accumulation of static electricity and electrostatic charge resulting discharge, and therefore must be controlled. Objects electrostatically charged to form an electrostatic field around it, will produce mechanical effects and electrostatic discharge effect induced effects.

To understand the production process of an electrostatic charging case, the extent of discrimination in the production process as well as the effects of static testing of electrostatic protective equipment, equipment and quality are necessary to measure static electricity and related parameters. Electrostatic measurements, mainly the measurement of static voltage, resistivity, ground resistance, static electricity shut-life, static electricity, static eliminator eliminate electrical properties, such as the fabric surface charge density.

Electronic products in the production process, its components, assembly of finished regular contact with static electricity generated by tools and equipment, separation, friction, you must use anti-static seat, working car, repair kits, tools, work chair (stool), etc., and Through proper grounding, electrostatic discharge quickly. Static-sensitive components and printed circuit boards in the production process between the transfer process and store, you must use anti-static feeding me, component boxes, plastic containers, trays and other working capital. To prevent the accumulation of static electricity hazard. Static-sensitive components and printed circuit boards, when the finished product packaging must be used as anti-static shielding bags, bags, boxes, bars, baskets, etc., to avoid electrostatic damage during transport.

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