How to save the anti-static dust-free clothing

How to save the anti-static dust-free clothing

The current direction changes with the development of the first wave of economy, the second wave in the front, from the original human cost to today's high-tech technology companies, more and more enterprises to the enterprise security, production safety and security, the original value, so in life in the production of anti-static has become the people of a link, then produced anti-static industry, a large number of antistatic products arises at the historic moment. The next main talk about anti-static dust-free clothing how to preserve the relevant knowledge.

First of all, let's learn about the anti-static dust-free clothing, anti-static dust-free clothing is a type of special protective clothing, because can inhibit the personnel in the clean room produced by walking around in the dust, and to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazard, commonly used in electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computer, electronic communications equipment, integrated circuit production workshop in the microelectronics industry, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, electronics factory workshop clean, laboratory, etc. We are buying good anti-static dust-free clothing should be timely to understand these knowledge, because we must be careful when in transportation, anti-static dust-free clothing must have a cover should be paid attention to, shall not damage the packing, avoid sunlight and high temperature contact; It is forbidden to use in the process of handling hand hook procrastination. Anti-static dust-free clothing should be stored in a dry ventilated warehouse, prevent mildew deterioration. In use place, anti-static dust-free clothing when the ground should be anti-static floor (clean), wear anti-static shoes should not be wearing thick woolen socks of the insulation and insulation of insole, sole nor with insulation material, wear after a period of time (usually less than 200 h) should be resistance test, and then decided to clean or replace. During storage, anti-static dust-free clothes to leave the ground and wall above 200 mm, leave all the heating element 1 m or more. Should avoid direct sunlight, it is strictly prohibited to open place. Anti-static shoes is required at time of packaging, storage and proper mothproofing agent.

We also is very important, in terms of preventive maintenance and anti-static overalls had better use neutral detergent washing, washing never mix with other clothes to wash, use soft hand washing or washing machines wash program, so as to avoid conductive fiber breakage. Washing water temperature should be below 40 ℃, rinse with cold water. Washing time as short as possible, but must be fully rinse, to remove residual detergents. With flame retardant, anti-static overalls, the performance of oil decontamination do not use bleach, organic solvent.

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