Anti-static shoes test

Anti-static shoes test


Test sample preparation

A, for sample

With ethanol will be sole surface clean. With distilled water washing the soles, and according to the prescribed requirements, make it dry. To ban the use can make soles from corrosion, swell deformation of organic matter and clean. By the wear, should not make the sole surface on the soles of clean according to the area of 180 * 40 mm conductive layer, dry and provisions on the environmental conditions.

Conductive coating resistance measurement.

Electric resistance conductive coating device is composed of three conductive metal column, metal top radius of 3 mm + / - 2 mm. Engagements of columns are separated by 35 MM + / - 0.2 MM. And they are connected by wires. The third pillar from the other two pillars connect the midpoint of 160 mm + / - 5 mm, and the insulation between the other two pillars.

Put shoes, with good conductive layer metal post. Put the ball part of the shoe to 35 mm away from the two pillars, the heel on the third pillar, must take the three pillars are in contact with the conductive coating. Then use rules in front of the test instrument is torn the resistance between one of the pillars and the third column, circuit principle of the measurement results, its value must be less than 1 k Ω.


Anti-static shoes test conditions

Environmental requirements: temperature 20 plus or minus 2 ; Relative humidity: 30% plus or minus 3%.

A, place the test samples specified environment conditions for 24 hours.

B, if the trial is not within the prescribed conditions, must be removed in the test sample to complete the test within 5 min after the environment.


Anti-static shoes test steps

Within the test shoes filled with steel ball by the regulation (if the upper height is not enough, to hold all the conductive steel ball, insulating materials available heightening upper level). Will pack a good ball test sample on the outside electrode regulation, including, outer electrode connected between dc power, time of 1 min. Measurement circuit principle.

Records or calculate the voltage value and current value after the prescribed time.

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