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Clean Work Shoes
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Product Name: Clean Work Shoes
Product Type: CS6681552
Exhibitors: CSKJ
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The clean work shoes are beautiful, practical, odor-resistant,anti-skid, comfortable and safe.

Clean Work Shoes  A detailed description of
Product Model: CS6681552
Product Name: Clean work shoes
Product Feature: beautiful, practical, odor-resistant,anti-skid, comfortable and safe.
Product Color: white, gray, blue, yellow, black, red, etc.
Size:34#、35#、36#、37#、38#、39#、40#、41#、42#、43#、44#、45#(As your request)
       Your current page is about the product of clean work shoes , if you are interested in it, you can call our service hot-line to know more products and details, we are dedicated to provide the most excellent and trustworthy service to you. Our main products are anti-static slipper, anti-static table mat,clean paper, anti-static coat, anti-static conjoined clothes and anti-static coverall,etc.
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