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Anti-static Door Curtain
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Product Name: Anti-static Door Curtain
Product Type: CS6682501
Exhibitors: CSKJ
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The material of anti-static curtain is the anti-static transparent PVC films added with anti-static agent, which is still in good transparency.

Anti-static Door Curtain  A detailed description of

Product Model:CS6682501

Product Name:Anti-static Door Curtain

Product Information:The material of anti-static curtain is the anti-static transparent PVC films added with anti-static agent, which is still in good transparency.

Surface Resistance: The curtain with mesh:10^4-10^6Ω; Outside-surface Resistance: 10^9-10^10Ω; Internal-surface Resistance:10^6_10^9Ω,Static Voltage Decay Time: +V0.30S-V0.40S.


Anti-static curtain is a kind of composite plastic material with smooth surface, brightness and transparency, non-crack, free of bubbles and uniform color, it features with heat-resistance, cold-resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, static-resistance, shock-resistance, tensile resistance, aging-resistance, good transparency and long life span. It is widely use in the electronics factory, chemical factory, pharmaceutical factory, food products factory, garment factory, working platform, machine surface and other work places.

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