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Alcohol Bottle
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Product Name: Alcohol Bottle
Product Type: CS6682680
Exhibitors: CSKJ
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Model: CS6682680 Product Name: Alcohol bottle Product Description: Efficient, energy saving, environment-friendly bottle of alcohol is mainly used for factory finished packing or trademarks.

Alcohol Bottle  A detailed description of
Product Model: CS6682680
Product Name: Alcohol Bottle
Product Information: The efficient, energy-saved and environment-friendly alcohol bottle is mainly used for product packaging in the industry and surface cleaning of trademark plating, it is the suitable vessel in liquid work. For example, containing the cleaning naphtha, white gas, white mineral cleaning water and industrial alcohol. These chemical raw materials are volatile, flammable , explosive and toxic. And using this alcohol bottle device is effectively to control the volatilization, reduce the air pollution, to protect the workers' psychosomatic health, to prevent the gas explosion poison.

It is available for permanent use. And the experimental results shows that adapting the efficient, energy-saved, environment-friendly alcohol bottle can save the liquid materials up to 50 percent, and can prove the work efficiency, it is easy to clear up and safe for work.
Product Specification: 100ml, 150ml, 250ml.
Caution: The glue and sticky liquid is prohibited to use.
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