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Alcohol Glass Bottle
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Product Name: Alcohol Glass Bottle
Product Type: CS6682690
Exhibitors: CSKJ
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The alcohol glass bottle is used for extracting the alcohol, ethyl alcohol products, which is easy to evaporate, the bottle cap is made of stainless steel by precise process.

Alcohol Glass Bottle  A detailed description of

Product Model: CS6682690

Product Name: Alcohol Glass Bottle

Product Information: The alcohol glass bottle is used for extracting the alcohol, ethyl alcohol products, which is easy to evaporate, the bottle cap is made of stainless steel by precise process, when it is covered with the bottle body , the solvent will be not backflow or leak. It is with complete usage and good tightness and it is environment- friendly.

Application Grade: From general electronic industry to the microelectronic industry.

The environment-friendly alcohol glass bottle is the most suitable device for the swab, rag, or cotton ball to absorb the alcohol, acetone, diluent and any other reagent. The bottle cap can prevent the pollution while using; The design of the stainless head ensures the use of the high concentration reagent. The processed valve can prevent the solvent evaporation and leakage; The liquid bundle is sealed by the sticky panel, which ensure the purity of the reagent.

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