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Anti-static Grounding Socket
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Product Name: Anti-static Grounding Socket
Product Type: CS6682935
Exhibitors: CSKJ
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Model: CS6682935 Product Name: Anti-static Grounding Socket Product Description: Anti-static Grounding Socket is flexible wire design, which can be quickly disconnected banana plugs, improve the production efficiency.

Anti-static Grounding Socket  A detailed description of
Product Model: CS6682935
Product Name: Anti-static Grounding Socket
Product Information: The flexible cord design and quick disconnected banana plug improve the production efficiency; Table type grounding equipment(equipped with two banana plug) is available for two workers for simultaneous use without occupying work space; The two banana plugs can be linked with the two workers’ wrist straps, the end of the cord is easy to dissipate the static electricity to the ground, if it is installed in front of the working table, the work space will be saved. The two placed buttons can prevent the damage of the wrist strip when it doesn’t work; Extra end socket makes it available for customers to choose the cord length.
The shell is punched by thick iron plates in the thickness of 1.5mm, the material of the grounding wire is the 10 cores thick tinsel wire scarskin with PVC cord, the way of wiring is novel and unique which makes connection points free from force and will not break. It is durable and there is the hanging slot for wrist placement, which is easy to operate.
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