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Wrist Strap Monitor
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Product Name: Wrist Strap Monitor
Product Type: CS6683533
Exhibitors: CSKJ
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Product Name: SURPA518-2 Wrist Strap Tester Product Information: SURPA518-2 Wrist Strap Tester can monitor the anti-static wrist condition and the grounding wire condition of the operator

Wrist Strap Monitor  A detailed description of

Product Model: CS6683533

Product Name: SURPA518-2 Wrist Strap Tester

Product Information: Considering the condition of the wrist strip in the human body cannot be noticed when the anti-static wrist strip is in use, the wrist strip is in the state of motion when it is in use. So there is a necessity to test the quality when the the wrist strip is in the use, and test the connection of the wrist strap with the ground wire.Therefore,it is necessary to have a equipment to monitor—— wrist strap tester.


 Features and Function

  1,Monitoring the anti-static wrist condition and the grounding wire condition of the operator;2, the usage of the product is easy and it can confirm the condition of the grounding wire and the worktable grounding wire;3, It is available for necessary design, general setting is from 1.068M to2.0M, ±5%, which complies with international standards;4, It is microcomputer chip controlling, it is adjustment-free, plug and play;5, It features with good reliability and strong anti-interference capacity;6, It has high sensitivity, the monitor will warn when the electrostatic leakage channel breaks down more than 0.1 second;7, The product itself is strong , so it won’t distort.


Production Description

  According to the personnel grounding leading principle of ANSI/ESD S20.20 No., in all cases, personnel grounding system includes the connection of human, controlling substance and earth point, the log sheet should be save so that they can certify that they have tested their grounding device, and the ESD-S1.1 No. 6.1.3 points out that everyday Wrist strap system test can be ignored when the continuous monitoring system is on.


 The wrist strap online tester can monitor one or two wrist strap grounding system working condition, the automatic sound-light alarm can remind the operator to check the bad grounding system and components, to eliminate the high cost and the need of keeping tedious wrist strap checking record. The product features with small size, light weight, simple usage, strong monitoring instantaneity, monitoring intelligence, which can provide reliable protection for normal use of wrist strap grounding system in anti-static work area.


Product Maintenance

 The manufacturer has checked the products before they leave the factory, the product is available for continuous work. According to the personnel grounding leading principle of ANSI/ESD S20.20 No., the fixed detector should be check at regular intervals to protect the function. So we suggest that the users check it annually or do the periodic check according to the electrostatic discharge controlling program.

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