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GOOI Stainless Steel Tweezers
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Product Name: GOOI Stainless Steel Tweezers
Product Type: CS6682295
Exhibitors: CSKJ
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There are five types of anti-static stainless steel tweezers:TS-10 type tweezers, TS-11 type tweezers, TS-12 type tweezers, TS-13 type, TS-14 type, TS-15 type tweezers.

GOOI Stainless Steel Tweezers  A detailed description of
Product Model:CS6682295
Product Name:GOOI Stainless Steel Tweezers
Product Information:There are five types of anti-static stainless steel tweezers: The TS-10 type tweezers, whose length is 120mm, is used for soldering Integrated circuit board and installing or replacing the components; The TS-11 type tweezers, whose length is 140mm and the tip is longer, is used for precise electronic components operation; The TS-12 type  tweezers’ length is 115mmand tweezers tip will not be bent , it has good elasticity; The TS-13 type’s length is120mm, whose round tip shape can protect the components from the damages; The TS-14 type’s length is 125mm, whose tweezers tip is spiry and sharp; The TS-15 type tweezers, whose length is 150mm and tip’s curvature is 45 grades, is widely used for extracting the components in the stricture site.
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