ion fan
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Product Name: ion fan
Product Type: CS6683652
Exhibitors: CSKJ
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Model: CS6683652 Product Name: ion fan Product description: superior performance to eliminate static electricity.

ion fan  A detailed description of
Model: CS6683652
Product Name:  ion fan
Product description: superior performance to eliminate static electricity, electrostatic pollution and destruction of the ideal equipment of electronic production lines, such as personal service units to prevent electrostatic protected area.
Features: 1 Built-in controller can save space, easy to assemble using; 2 with the maximum output level of the ions to eliminate static electricity quickly; 3 uses safe low voltage configuration; 4 tight security protection devices, be sure to use. .. more at ease; 5-speed flexible (custom variable speed), but also help to identify the scale of modern factories visual management; 6 simple maintenance, in one second in front within the mask can be removed, you can easily and thoroughly ion cleaning needles and fans; 7 unique ion-pin plug-in design, easy to replace, make sure to extend the life of the fan.
Packing way:  ion fan: 1; Instructions: 1; factory inspection report: 1; warranty card: a.
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