ECO-F01 ion fan [Product print page]

ECO-F01 ion fan
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Product Name: ECO-F01 ion fan
Product Type: CS6683655
Exhibitors: CSKJ
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Model: CS6683655 Product Name: ion fan Product Description: ECO-F01 ion small desktop fan, with outstanding performance in addition to static.

ECO-F01 ion fan  A detailed description of
Model: CS6683655
Product Name:  ion fan
Product Description:  ion small desktop fan, with outstanding performance in addition to static, to prevent pollution and destruction of static electricity. Electronic products, production lines, maintenance units and other personal electrostatic protected area is the ideal equipment. Ion small desktop fan is designed for local area and design. Small size, light weight, convenient installation. Optional dust into the air filter cover, suitable for clean environments.
Specifications: Working voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz; operating current: 0.13Amps. (Maximum wind speed)
Air Volume: 100CFM (maximum wind speed); ion balance: ≤ ± 10V; working distance: 300mm ~ 900mm; Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃; Humidity: 35% ~ 75% Rh; Body material: cold rolled steel; machine Body Size: D88mmxW140mmxH222mm; Color: off white + black (bracket); Weight: 2.8kg.
Test conditions: distance unit mm, time unit s; use ME268A, 20cmX20cm charging electrostatic analyzer, a test voltage of ± 1000 ~ ± 100V; test environment temperature is 25OC, humidity 55% ± 5%, due to changes in the environment parameters and biased. Test equipment in the center of air outlet from the 300mm fan at the front of the center, according to the largest wind speed measurements.
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